Team Members

  • Rob:  Co-Lead Investigator/Technical LeadRob

    Rob is the Lead Technician and Co-Lead Investigator of D.O.G.S. and has been interested in the paranormal since the second grade. In his spare time, Rob likes to sing karaoke, spend time with his family, and tinker with computers.

  • Ed:  Lead InvestigatorEd

    Rob's brother, Ed, works as a truck driver out of Eaton, OH. He is our group's Lead Investigator and foremost de-bunker and skeptic.

  • Patty:  Co-Lead Investigator/Research/Legal/Interviewer/PRPatty

    Patricia has been interested in the paranormal for a good many years. Her role in the group is multi-faceted: Co-Lead Investigator, Research, Public Relations as well as Legal.

  • JoHanna:  Co-Case Manager/InvestigatorJoHanna

    JoHanna is a hospice nurse by day, and in her job, she has seen more than her share of people in their final moments. She brings a unique perspective to the group.

  • Mikel:  InvestigatorMikel

    Mikel also joined us at Poasttown and immediately expressed interest in joining the group. He works at a nursing home in Dayton and has always wondered if there is something more out there.

  • Donna:  Investigator/Co-Case ManagerDonna

    After a brief hiatus, Donna has returned as co-case manager and investigator.

  • Mikel:  InvestigatorMike F.

    Mike works as a line clearance technician, so he is away from home often. He has been with the group since 2010.