• GeoVision GV-250 CCTV SystemGeoVision GV-250 CCTV System

    The GeoVision GV-250 CCTV camera system allows for computer based surveillance of a location. It's like having an investigator in the room at all times monitoring for anything out of the ordinary. The cameras we use are two Nuvico NVCC-W28IR12 color day/night 0lux IR cams. The GV-250 allows only two cams to be connected to it.

  • Sony DCR-HC28Sony DCR-HC28 Camcorder

    It is important to be able to capture events as they happen regardless of where the investigator might be. This camcorder has infrared capability which is a subjective set of eyes and ears that are capable of documenting what transpires without bias. The video can be transferred to a computer for detailed analysis and archiving.

  • Olympus VN-3100PC Digital Voice RecorderOlympus VN-3100PC Digital Voice Recorder

    Much like it's bigger brother, the VN-4100PC, this model is also used during investigations in hopes of capturing spirit communication. It is also USB capable and can hold up to 72 hours of audio.

  • Lutron 822-A EMF DetectorLutron 822-A EMF Detector

    The Lutron 822-A EMF Detector is a higher-end device used for finding EMFs. It has a digital readout that can be calibrated to display the measurements in either gauss or Tesla units. This unit can detect up to 199 mg of EMF (a highly dangerous level).

  • TriField 100XE EMF MeterTriField 100XE EMF Meter

    The TriField 100XE EMF Meter is a top of the line piece of equipment that we are very happy to have in our equipment bag. Not only does this detect EMF on a magnetic level, but it also picks up radio interference (used in conjunction with a K2/K3 meter).

  • Olympus VN-4100PC Digital Voice RecorderOlympus VN-4100PC Digital Voice Recorder

    A digital voice recorder is a handy tool to have on an investigation. It has been shown time and again that spirits can communicate with us through recordings. We use these to capture disembodied voices that weren't heard at the time. This particular model is capable of storing 144 hours of audio and is especially convenient as it has USB connection capability. All of the recorded audio can be brought down to the computer for analysis.

  • Lutron 822-A EMF DetectorSony ICD-P520 Digital Voice Recorder

    Another paranormal group in our area has been having great success getting spirit communication through this particular device. Hoping to be able to duplicate their results, we purchased one in May of 2011.