Case Number: 20110423-P

"Tag-Along with D.O.G.S. Facebook Fan Appreciation Investigation"
Poasttown Elementary School , OH

April 23rd, 2011

7:00pm - 3:00am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Investigators present: Rob, Ed, Patty, Janice, Mike F., and Mike R.

Special Guests: Angela Land, Donna Garwood, Holly Jensvold-Applegate, Kathryn Thomson, Cindy Shortes, Cheryl Price, Sam Spees, Mikel Lawson, Kiley Altena, Joseph Cox, & Susan Lay.

Extra Special Guests: Brian Stephenson, Ramona Timson, & Jeanette Wells from Valley View Paranormal Society

Weather: Being typical of April weather, the week before and the week after were very rainy--near record breaking rain. In fact there were many locations in the Miami Valley where there were flood watches. Fortunately, this evening there wasn't a lot of heavy rain going on. It was cool and damp, starting out in the 60s and pretty much remaining there throughout the evening. There were periods where it showered, and a few flashes of lightning were seen early on, but there wasn't any severe weather noted.

Claims of Activity: This building pretty much has claims of just about everything. From shadows, footsteps, and apparitions to people getting touched/scratched and objects moving and disembodied voices, this place runs the gamut. The vast majority of spirits that have been encountered at Poasttown School are non-threatening or mischevious and playful by nature. It is only very rarely (and it's usually because of provocation) that someone receives a negative response.
In the gymnasium area, there are claims that a dark shadow is seen walking on the stage and coming from stage left. Also in the gym is a painting of a Mowhawk Indian that looks like it was painted freshly that morning. This is unusual because much of the paint in this room has already begun to flake and chip. Basketballs left in the room have a tendency to move around on their own.
Just off the gym, there is a hallway leading to a stairwell that descends from the basement level all the way up to the second floor. It is said that a little girl fell over the railing from the top level to the concrete floor in the basement. She later died, and her spirit is said to roam the school.
There is also tale of another little girl who is said to have died out in front of the school. She was struck and killed by a car. She also haunts the school and interacts.
Lou, a janior that worked most of his life at the school, is said to haunt the boiler room and lower levels. He didn't die in the building, rather he perished in a fire at his mobile home in the trailer park less than a mile away.

History: The current owners (as of 2004), Darrell and his wife, live on the first floor of the building along with another fellow that lives in an apartment in the northeast part of the basement. There are at least three or four other businesses that occupy space in the several thousand square foot school house. It is two stories with a basement, and has been added onto at least once since being built in 1937. Class was in session here until the school was closed in 2001.
Originally, Darrell wanted to create a haunted house attraction much like the Land of Illusions which is about a mile north of the building. For two weeks he had it set up and allowed the public free access. Once he started charging, the city shut him down due to lack of proper fire suppression (sprinklers).
For three years prior to Darrell buying the property (from 2001 - 2004), homeless people were living in the building. Local kids had thrown rocks and broken many windows. The building is still in good shape despite the years it sat empty due in large part to the restoration that Darrell has done and continues to do to this day.



First Shift
9PM ? 10:30

Second Shift
10:30 ? 12am

Third Shift
12am ? 1:30

Fourth Shift
1:30 - 3

Team A



2nd Floor

1st Floor

Team B

1st Floor

2nd Floor



Team C

2nd Floor

1st Floor



Investigation: We set this investigation up months ahead of time for some of our friends and Facebook fans that have asked us over the years if they could tag along with us sometime. This was our way of making good on the promise.
At a little before 9PM, we broke into three teams of no more than eight. Some people bounced around with different teams, but most stuck with their original group choice. Where everyone was at which time is listed in the table above.
Everyone seemed to go about their investigation very seriously, but during breaks it was obvious they were having a good time and enjoying themselves. Lots of pictures were taken and some with anomalies in them were shared.
Group A started with a break because Rob was setting up experiments in the auditorium. They were, however, soon chased out by Janice's group (B). The Mike Group (C) seemed to stay at it and hit each area the hardest. While other teams were taking breaks, they seemed to stay at it.
Each team was assigned a floor, which was theirs to investigate for 90 minutes. We then switched floors, some taking a break between times. We were wrapped up and leaving at exactly 3:00am.
The unfortunate side of having over twenty people actively investigating a building at the same time is the audio contamination. In every audio session, other team's voices can be heard echoing throughout the building at different times. Rob even left a digital recorder in the cafeteria, and distant voices are peppered throughout the entire audio recording making searching for disembodied voices an impossible task.
This wasn't an investigation in which we were looking to gather absolute proof of anything. We've been here before, and have captured some good audio and had many personal experiences. We were mainly hoping to bring along some friends that have been after us for quite a while to take them on a ghost hunt with our group.

What We Captured: From here on out, we aren't going to be referring to the audio, photo, and video that we get during our investigations as "evidence." It is simply anomalous events that we captured that we can't explain or events that we get that are directly in line with claims of activity.
As mentioned above, many people had photos that had weird things in them. One was a red misty, swirly looking cloud at the top of the main stairs where it's been said a spirit vortex is located. Lots of people had their own equipment that they carried with them and used. Some even had audio recorders of their own.


Opinion: It seemed, that there was a flurry of activity early on followed by a lull and then more activity later. Of course, we've been over what we think about this location, and the word bears repeating here: haunted.

Conclusion: From what we could tell, everyone seemed to have a great time investigating with us. Personally, there are still a couple locations I would like to investigate by myself that I couldn't get to (room under the east stairs, the east stairwell, some of the classrooms on the west side of the 2nd floor). So we're not closing the book just yet.