Halloween After-Party Investigation

(Hosted by TOGA)

Poasttown Elementary School , OH

October 29th, 2010

11:00pm - 1:15am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Investigators present: Rob, Ed, and Mike R.

Guests: Mike R.'s friend, Mike. Five members of the Warren family (Matthew, Stephen, Sarah, Sandy, & Russ)

Weather: As is typical in October, it was pretty chilly to start with interior temps in the upper 50's. As the night progressed, it got colder in the building. When we left, there was frost on the back window of the car, so temps were in the lower 30s.


Investigation: After waiting over an hour after the party was over, gear ready, we were finally given the all clear to start investigating around 11:00. Our group consisted of the three DOGS members, plus Mike's friend, Mike along with Matthew, Steven, their Dad, and their sister and Mom. We started in the second floor hallway and were joined by four other random individuals that we didn't know. They hung around through some of the PX session and were relatively quiet. The session lasted about a half an hour, with us waiting for words and then questioning them. At one point, halfway through, the PX said, "Laury" which is the name of TOGA's founder. She showed up soon afterwards, probably hearing us talking about her, as their central command post was down the hall and around the corner.
After spending maybe 45 minutes total in the hallway, we went into the downstairs carpet room. By this time there were many other people wandering around, so most of the audio evidence after that is so contaminated, it was futile to even try to listen for spirit voices.
Mike, Matthew, and Steven went into the pipe room for a quick EVP session, but they were soon chased out by other groups.

What We Captured: The only evidence we feel we can solidly present is the PX session audio, which is available on the audio page. I'm still going over the camcorder footage, which I'll probably post the PX Ovulis session in two parts to YouTube.


Conclusion: With the use of the new PX Ovulis, we got some interesting interaction. Since it was our first time using it, we weren't sure what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised.