Junior Ghost Hunt

(Hosted by TOGA)

Poasttown Elementary School , OH

October 22nd, 2010

7:30pm - 10:00pm

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Investigators present: Rob and Zach
Weather: As is typical in October, it was pretty chilly to start and even cooler when we left three hours later. Started out it in the upper 50's and ended up around 50 degrees.


Investigation: Zach and I arrived onsite about 7:15pm and met with two of the members of TOGA out front and were quickly escorted up to their central command on the second floor. After getting my equipment ready, handing an audio recorder and flashlight to Zach, we waited another ten minutes until the rest of the group showed up. They all went off on their own as a large group while Zach and I investigated by ourselves.
Our first stop was the second floor classroom where I held a solo vigil on our last investigation (10/9/10). Zach thought he saw a light above the chalkboard, but turned out it was just a square of white paper taped to the wall. We also thought we saw a sliver of light get blocked out, but couldn't figure out by what.
We next investigated two other classrooms that were nearby. At this point, the other larger group had broken up into several smaller groups, and they were walking around (less than quietly), so any audio we captured from this point on would be contaminated. I tried to make the other groups aware by turning on my flashlight and shining it out into the hallway that Zach and I were investigating in certain rooms (so as not to scare anyone), but I still heard a couple kids gasp as they passed rooms we were in and saw us.
After a quick bathroom break for Zach, we set about investigating the basement. Other groups came and went, but we got a few quiet minutes to do an EVP session in the "carpet room."

What We Captured: The vast majority of the audio evidence was contaminated with the voices of the other kids walking around investigating. The only quiet part was during our investigation of the eastern 2nd floor classroom. Nothing was picked up on that audio. For video I just have four separate instances where Zach was playing lead investigator. He did a good job, too, and I hope to be able to bring him back sometime just with DOGS and have him investigate with us.


Conclusion: I've already covered this previously, but this place certainly has activity. As of yet, we've not been let down during an investigation.