Case Number: 20101009-P
Poasttown Elementary School , OH

October 9th, 2010

7:00pm - 2:00am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Investigators present: Rob, Ed, Patty, Mike R., Mike F., and Tighe
Special Guests: Brandon and family group from Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Weather: The week leading up to the investigation was unseasonably warm, and Ohio was in the midst of a late summer drought. The outside temps ran around 80 degrees when we started and wound up in the upper 50's by the time we were wrapping up. The interior of the building was very cool, almost chilly in spots, especially on the lower levels.

Claims of activity: This building pretty much has claims of just about everything. From shadows, footsteps, and apparitions to people getting touched/scratched and objects moving and disembodied voices, this place ran the gamut.
In the gymnasium area, there are claims that a dark shadow is seen walking on the stage and coming from stage left. Also in the gym is a painting of a Mowhawk Indian that looks like it was painted freshly that morning. This is unusual because much of the paint in this room has already begun to flake and chip. Basketballs left in the room have a tendency to move around on their own.
Just off the gym, there is a hallway leading to a stairwell that descends from the basement level all the way up to the second floor. It is said that a little girl fell over the railing from the top level to the concrete floor in the basement. She later died, and her spirit is said to roam the school.
Lou, a janior that worked at the school, is said to haunt the boiler room and lower levels. He didn't die in the building, rather he perished in a fire at his mobile home in the trailer park less than a mile away.
Another little girl that was struck and killed by a car on the road in front of the school is said to haunt the basement. She seems to be one of the spirits that is most willing to interact.


Investigation: I welcomed the help from Brandon's group carrying the equipment to the second floor "Halloween Room" we set up in. The cameras started monitoring at 8:45 PM, and the groups started investigating at 9:15. We broke into two groups, one group was Ed, Mike R. and Tighe with 5 from the Wright Patt group, and they started investigating in the basement. Patty and Mike F. led the other group of six from WPAFB, and they started their night in the second floor hallway.
Surprisingly, Ed's group had a couple interesting experiences. They heard a whisper in the basement room. They also heard lots of weird banging noises throughout the school. Patty's group had an older lady, Eva, who seemed to be channeling spirits. There were multiple occasions (four in all) where she had direct interaction with something. The majority of these were captured on audio, and are available to listen to on the audio page.


What We Captured:
Lots of the evidence is personal experiences: feelings of being touched, hearing voices, and channeling spirits. There were several instances of loud thuds followed by footsteps being heard coming from above the second floor--which is the roof. Darrell let Ed and Tighe climb up onto the roof, and they found no evidence of anyone having been up there.


Opinion: Opinions are divided on Eva's spirit channeling. Since it's subjective to her specifically, we can't ever know for sure whether she was faking it or actually in contact with whatever spirits are roaming the halls at Poasttown. We're simply putting the evidence out there for you to decide.
Since this was our second (of hopefully many) trip through Poasttown, we felt we knew what to expect. We were wrong. Poasttown always delivers something different each time. I was surprised with the interaction I received just spending twenty minutes alone in one of the classrooms.
We hope that we can continue to visit the Poasttown school to collect more evidence and assist in figuring out exactly what's going on there.

Conclusion: There aren't many places we are willing to call haunted. I can only think of one other location (Patterson Homestead) that falls into the category. Poasttown school is also a location that I have no problem saying with certainty given our personal experiences, along with the evidence we've collected...this location is haunted.