Case Number: 20100717-P
Poasttown Elementary School , OH

July 17th, 2010

7:30pm - 2:00am

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Investigators present: Rob, Ilka, Patty, Janice, Mike F., and Don
Weather: It was very hot and humid the week leading up to the investigation. The humidity wasn't as bad, and the temps started in the mid 80s and wound up in the mid/upper 60s. Also noteworthy, Trenton-Franklin Road is a pretty busy thoroughfare, so there was a lot of traffic noise that carried into the school. This weekend was a hot air baloon expo at the Middletown airport, and there was a lot of Civil Air Patrol traffic, some of which was bleeding over into our walkie talkies.

Claims of Activity: This building pretty much has claims of just about everything. From shadows, footsteps, and apparitions to people getting touched/scratched and objects moving and disembodied voices, this place ran the gamut.
In the gymnasium area, there are claims that a dark shadow is seen walking on the stage and coming from stage left. Also in the gym is a painting of a Mowhawk Indian that looks like it was painted freshly that morning. This is unusual because much of the paint in this room has already begun to flake and chip. Basketballs left in the room have a tendency to move around on their own.
Just off the gym, there is a hallway leading to a stairwell that descends from the basement level all the way up to the second floor. It is said that a little girl fell over the railing from the top level to the concrete floor in the basement. She later died, and her spirit is said to roam the school.
Lou, a janior that worked at the school, is said to haunt the boiler room and lower levels. He didn't die in the building, rather he perished in a fire at his mobile home in the trailer park less than a mile away.

History: The current owners (as of 2004), Darrell and his wife, live on the first floor of the building along with another fellow that lives in an apartment in the northeast part of the basement. There are at least three or four other businesses that occupy space in the several thousand square foot school house. It is two stories with a basement, and has been added onto at least once since being built in 1937. Class was in session here until the school was closed in 2000.
Originally, Darrell wanted to create a haunted house attraction much like the Land of Illusions which is about a mile north of the building. For two weeks he had it set up and allowed the public free access. Once he started charging, the city shut him down due to lack of proper fire suppression (sprinklers).
Prior to Darrell buying the property, homeless people were living in the building. Local kids had thrown rocks and broken many windows. The building is still in good shape despite the years it sat empty.


Investigation: We hadn't been investigating for more than an hour when a loud BANG was heard throughout the building. Running quickly to pinpoint the source, Don, Rob and Mike discovered a heavy plastic filter grating in the room above the main entrance had fallen forward. Attempts to duplicate the sound were spot-on, however, how it moved on its own is a mystery.
Later on in the night, Patty and Janice had much success communicating with someone via the second floor hallway. The doorknob would rattle in response to their questions.
On two occasions, Mike and Don had interaction with the spirit of one of the little girls down in the basement cafeteria room. Mike asked for her to sit on his lap and Don recorded a cold spot on his leg.
At the end of the night, we sat in that same room and sang children's songs. Every time we were singing, the temperature would drop in the room by at least ten degrees.



What We Captured: Other than the audio which we captured, there really wasn't much evidence other than the personal experiences.


Opinion: With this being our first visit, we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of personal experiences we had. Coupled with the interaction we got both upstairs and downstairs, we feel that this place is a good candidate for further investigation.

Conclusion: We will be visiting this place again in October with a group from WPAFB. While we aren't ready to come right out and say this place is 100% haunted, there is certainly a lot of paranormal activity taking place here.