Case Number: 20080829
Patterson Homestead, Dayton, OH

August 29, 2008

  1. Pre-Investigation
  2. Investigation
  3. Conclusions


Investigators present: Rob, Ilka, Patty, Don,
Amanda, Allison, Wendy, Ed.

Additional Support: Sherry & Mary (intuitives from Hamilton/N. KY)

Photography Expert: JT

Click here to read Sherry's report from an intuitive's perspective.

Team Roster: Team A comprised Rob, Allison, Wendy, and Amanda (and later after Wendy and Allison left, Ed). Team B was Patty, Don, Sherry, and Mary (after Sherry and Mary left, Amanda joined this group). Case Manager Ilka held down the fort at Command Central.

Claims of activity: The claims of activity at the Patterson Homestead are many and vary widely. From the sensation that someone is watching you all the way up to full body apparitions, this 1800's Federal Style building runs the paranormal gamut. It is obvious from the onset that this home is full of three generation's worth of both sorrow and joy. Paintings of Pattersons long since departed prominently adorn the walls, and family & NCR mementos are housed in glass-covered display cases throughout the house.


Investigation: Sherry and Mary walked the house in an attempt to connect with the spirits while the rest of us received the full tour from curator Lisa Kell. Cameras were quickly set up in the second floor master bedroom and first floor family room where the secretary door has a tendency to open of its own accord. Both groups took turns investigating, leaving a buffer zone of one floor (which wasn't nearly enough) between them.
Team A sweated on the third floor for all of thirty minutes, snapping pictures and talking to whomever might be up there while Team B spent time on the first floor. After an hour and a smoke break, the teams switched floors and continued to investigate. As it goes with most of our investigations, Team A captured more audio evidence whereas Team B seemed to establish contact with the spirits (see Sherry's report).

What We Captured: Aside from the great photography done by the group's photo expert (J.T.), many photos were snapped, all of which are available through the photos link and on our various personal MySpace pages. Several EVPs were heard, one of which seems to implicate a tour guide as the noisy person in the kitchen. We also have video of the self-opening door on the secretary in the front room.


Opinion: I believe that as a group, this is among our favorite locations to investigate.