Places We've Investigated

  • Tipp City, OH 1/19/2008Private Residence
    Tipp City, OH

    Under the pall of bone-chilling temperatures and wind chills well below zero (-20), we found ourselves converging on the home of Ron and Jen for our first official investigation as a group. The four of us from Dayton drove up in Ed's truck, our gear stowed safely away in the locked and covered bed, while the girls from Piqua showed up shortly after in Kim's car... (casefile)

  • Moraine, OH 3/3/2008Private Residence
    Moraine, OH

    While out on a service call for my "day job," I received a text message from my boss saying, "Gloria Lovely has a ghost" along with her phone number. I called him back at the office, and he proceeded to explain to me that Gloria Lovely had called in dire need of help. She had a ghost...

  • Glendale, OH  3/30/2008 Century Inn
    Glendale, OH

    According to both Becky and Lesley, noises from the upstairs (which is off limits, even to the employees) can be heard. Along with the noises, Becky has had her name called when no one else was in the room. General feelings of creepiness and being watched pervade most of the establishment...

  • Dayton, OH 8/29/2008Patterson Homestead
    Dayton, OH

    The evening of August 29, 2008 was a hot, humid and cloudy one. The parking lot of the Patterson Homestead already had four team member's cars in it when I pulled up with Case Manager Ilka at a few minutes after 7:00pm... (casefile)

  • Trotwood, OH 10/3/2008Pennsey Caboose
    Trotwood, OH

    It was a chilly early autumn evening when we met up with the members of the Trotwood Historical Society at the Iams Homestead. A very thorough tour of the entire house and barn lasted nearly an hour and a half. After a brief discussion of the house, we adjourned to the caboose that sat about a half mile up the road at the corner of Broadway and Main Streets... (casefile)

  • New Lebanon, OH 11/8/2008Private Residence
    New Lebanon, OH

    There were several locations in the home where the owner claimed activity had taken place over the twenty-some years they'd lived there. The front living room/dining area has seen a full bodied apparition of a woman walk from the kitchen area over to the bathroom...

  • Dayton, OH 11/14/2008Patterson Homestead
    Dayton, OH

    [revisit, with Paravizionz]
    DOGS had called dibs on the basement for the first hour's worth of investigating as we were curious to find out just what lay beyond the sealed up root cellar that had so puzzled us last time. The only thing we could figure thus far is that it holds some of the members of the Patterson family in a crypt of some sort...

  • Trotwood, OH 12/6/2008 Iams Homestead
    Trotwood, OH

    According to Ralph Kuester of the Trotwood Historical Society, there hasn't been much in the way of paranormal activity that's gone on at the Iams Homestead since they acquired it in the mid 1990's. Reports of people hearing footsteps upstairs when they're in the basement as well as an almost foreboding feeling of being watched...

  • Piqua, OH 2/6/2009Private Residence
    Piqua, OH

    The initial claims of activity from what Pete of Ohio Ghost Hunters (now defunct) sent us, were footsteps on the stairs, their 5 month old baby wakes with screaming night terrors, his fiancee had been smacked in the leg the night before, the dog stares at one corner of the laundry room, and they've heard hissing noises and doors shut...

  • Georgetown, OH 3/28/2009U.S. Grant Boyhood Home
    Georgetown, OH

    [Rob consulting with East Side Paranormal]
    I offered the computer DVR system to East Side Paranormal, as theirs was broken. They allowed me to investigate alongside as well as do some filming at the location with my camcorder...

  • Huber Heights, OH 4/24/2009Private Residence
    Huber Heights, OH

    The claims of activity began with the homeowner contacting us via email and saying that her daughter, son, and two of their friends had been in the basement. The daughter heard her name being called and ran upstairs, thinking it was one of her parents...

  • Kettering, OH 5/13/2009Private Residence
    Kettering, OH

    The claims made by the homeowner were varied. Cold spots in the living room, things not being where they were left, a growling sound in the dining room, the smell of men's cologne in the bathroom, bathroom radio gets weird interference, plastic hot/cold knob covers being switched, and the hamster cage had fallen to the floor on two separate occasions...

  • Laura, OH 11/7/2009Private Residence
    Laura, OH

    In her initial email to us, the resident claimed both she and her 12 year-old daughter were seeing black/white shadows around their small bathroom doorway as well as standing in the kitchen. The resident also claimed that she felt as if someone had walked behind her and her cat freaked out at the same moment...

  • Vandalia, OH 6/19/2010Private Residence
    Vandalia, OH

    We received an email request for help from the client on May 8th. She said she'd had another paranormal group out to investigate in December of 2009, and they still hadn't gotten back to her. She claimed to see shadows in the hallway, a phantom cat, and she had several EVPs she'd captured on her own personal digital audio recorder...

  • Poasttown Elementary SchoolPoasttown Elementary School
    Poasttown, OH

    In an ongoing effort between our group, TOGA, Paravizionz, Crossroads Paranormal, and many other groups, we have set up this page to serve as a jumping off point for the many investigations DOGS has done at the Poasttown Elementary School located at 6600 Trenton-Franklin Road in Middletown...

  • Moraine, OH 11/6/2010Fire Station
    Moraine, OH

    The station was built in two parts. The old part was built in the 1950s while the newer part where the fire engines and ambulance are kept was constructed in the 1970s. The client claims to have heard voices in many different parts of the station...

  • Kettering, OH 11/27/2010 Private Residence
    Kettering, OH

    In their initial email, the client claimed to having been woken up seeing a middle aged man with a mustache staring at her. Her husband's lighter that was supposed to be in one spot, moved to the middle of their bed on another occasion. The husband's sister is living upstairs, and she says she hears noises like someone is walking around in the living room downstairs or walking up the stairs...

  • Dayton, OH 3/12/2011Dayton Engineers Club
    Dayton, OH
    3/12/2011 & 1/7/2012

    With this building being nearly 100 years old and still holding the same organization throughout those years, it is no wonder that this place has claims of activity. It is a beautiful, big old solidly constructed stone and brick (mostly brick) building...

  • West Milton, OH 3/7/2012Local Business
    West Milton, OH

    Donna contacted the client about getting us in to investigate this location due to the fact that she had worked there for a couple years and knew there was a haunted history. During our pre-investigation meeting, the client told us that she heard the alarm sounding that someone was in another section of the building...

  • Dayton, OH 8/25/2012Private Residence
    Dayton, OH

    The claims are that the husband and wife have seen/heard strange noises throughout the home. It is a small residence: two-bedroom, single-story with a basement (used for laundry, cat litter box, & storage) and a walk up attic (not being used). They've heard footsteps coming from the attic, seen an apparition in the hallway...

  • Farmersville, OH 9/22/2012Private Residence
    Farmersville, OH

    We were contacted via the website by a nearly hysterical mother of two teenage daughters (one is 11, the other 15) who were claiming that over the last few months, activity was increasing in their home to the point of there being physical contact...

  • Springboro, OH 8/24/2013Private Residence
    Springboro, OH

    We were initially contacted via our Facebook fan page back in June by the client. They were working on renovating the house, which had been in their family for three generations (about 80 years). They had a lot of claims of activity over the twelve years that they'd lived there, but since renovating, they'd noticed...

  • Kettering, OH 8/31/2013 Private Residence
    Kettering, OH

    The client typed and printed out the "Haunting events" for us to look at (something we now wish everyone would do). Here are the highlights: The mom has woken up to see the spirit of an old woman in a rocking chair...

  • Kettering, OH 9/28/2013Private Residence
    Kettering, OH

    Clients claim to have seen shadows, heard noises and voices, and experienced phantom smells. The male homeowner has done EVP sessions throughout the house (which, at the time of our investigations was unoccupied--though...